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Swoon armchair


Swoon Armchair: to enjoy the small pleasures of life at a calm and leisurely pace.

Space Copenhagen, the designers of the Swoon Armchair, had the need to create a hybrid piece between an armchair and an armchair with armrests that would undoubtedly have the benefits of both. Thus was born this piece that fuses the backrest, seat and armrest into one.

For both public and private spaces, the Swoon Armchair can be purchased alone or with the ottoman for maximum comfort and unique elegance. It is not only an armchair, but also a decorative element that stands out among all the pieces in a space.

Spanish chair


An iconic piece of modern design.

The Spanish Chair is an interpretation of a traditional type of chair often found in areas influenced by ancient Islamic culture, from Andalusia to northern India.

Inspired by a trip to Spain in 1958, Mogensen modernised the form and retained the important feature: the wide armrests.

The wood in combination with leather gives it a strong, rustic look that will only become more beautiful with time.