Living room

The living room is the space in the house that is most used for leisure, for enjoying free time and above all for resting. At Manuel Lucas we choose, together with you, the most adaptable furniture for this area in order to transmit all the positive feelings possible.



Living room

The living room is the space in the house that is most used for leisure, for enjoying free time and above all for resting. At Manuel Lucas we choose, together with you, the most adaptable furniture for this area in order to transmit all the positive feelings possible.


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Elephant Stool, Cream

€98.10 -10% €109.00

The Elephant Stool by Japanese designer Sori Yanagi is known to be one of the icons of the post-war era.

Marking a before and after in the elements of a home, the Elephant Stool is as functional as it is incredible. Its structure allows it to be used in any space, either as another seat for the interior and exterior of a home or as a small table where to place different accessories.

In addition, this stool can be stored and stacked anywhere thanks to its shape. It is a seating option for all kinds of places in a house, such as the living room or the garden.

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Eclipse Table - Oak

€150.30 -10% €167.00

Its natural style is what makes the Eclipse Table a piece with its own personality.

The Eclipse table collection consists of three identical tables of different sizes, which are unified into one to turn the space into an attractive, functional place with much more capacity. These tables stand alone, producing a clear and essential vision of the moment.

However, the mix between them is the height of the extraordinary, as the low tables overlap with the larger ones. Designs compatible with homes, living rooms and offices that fit in anywhere, no matter the setting. Bringing out your creative side will be easier with the Eclipse Table.

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Metal Wire Chair

€213.30 -10% €237.00

Metal Wire Chair, the chair with personality and character from HK Living.

A home should be a place of respite and peace after a long day\'s work. That is why furniture has to adapt to all the needs of the human body. The Metal Wire Chair is the one that has all the necessary characteristics to become the living room and kitchen chair that best matches the environment.

You can keep the chair as it is, made of metal, or add a seat cushion and two armrests in different colours that bring colour, life and much more comfort to the chairs in the Wire collection.

Available in 3 colours: white, black and chrome.

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Thin Coffee Table

€395.10 -10% €439.00

Give essence to your home, especially your living room, with the Thin coffee table.

With fine lines and a pure finish, the Thin coffee table brings a refined air to your living room. It is inspired by a Nordic style and above all very natural, as its materials come from solid oak wood.

This side table has all the characteristics of this style: it is simple, comfortable, functional and it alone completes your living room. The combination of black stained oak and black metal legs makes the Thin coffee table one of the best options for this important area of your home.

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Metal Wire Chair with Arms

€369.00 -10% €410.00

Comfortable, elegant and metallic: the Metal Wire Armchair is an example of a chair with a very personal design.

The Metal Wire Armchair is a unique design. The main material of this piece is metal, both the legs and the frame of the chair are made of this material. This piece is simple, but very interesting in every detail and very elegant when placed in the living room of a house.

For even more comfort, you can add a seat cushion and armrests in different colours which, while giving it elegance, also provide comfort and tranquillity.

Available in 3 colours: black, gold and chrome.

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Geometric Side Table

€364.65 -15% €429.00

The geometric lines of solid wood are represented in the Geometric side table.

Whichever way you look at it, the Geometric side table is different. Its geometric lines make its parts as equal as they are different, creating a visual effect on all sides.

This side table is made in such a way that it blends in everywhere in your home, giving it an elegant and beautiful look and value. No matter where it is placed, be it the living room, the bathroom or a bedroom, this table manages to fit in anywhere perfectly.

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Lounge Chair Teak Natural

€477.90 -10% €531.00

Admire the beauty of the Lounge Chair Teak Natural in your living room.

Making every room in your home a cosy environment is easy with pieces like the Lounge Chair Teak Natural. Together with the Ottoman Lounge Chair Teak Natural, they form a special combination where the natural teak wood and all the details made especially for people.

The bond it creates with people is as strong as it is long-lasting. For example, it transmits tranquillity when you sit down to read a book, peace when you have a cup of tea and serenity when you just want to relax. It is as functional as it is beautiful.

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Cork Family Stool

€413.10 -10% €459.00

Cork Family: five stools with personality and character to fill your home with life.

The Cork Family stools are versatile, stylish and, above all, very original pieces. The five members of this family, from model A to model E, complement each space perfectly. As seating or side tables, the Cork Family Stools represent simplicity and elegance at the same time.

They are ideal elements for decoration and furniture, always maintaining their function and nature, thanks to the main material used for their manufacture: cork. This material makes them extremely resistant, visually light and very soft.

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IC Table Lamp

€450.50 -15% €530.00

In search of a balance between spheres and rods, Michael Anastassiades designed three different models for the IC Table Lamps.

The IC lamp collection is one of Flos\' most iconic collections. With different categories, the IC Table Lamp is a table light fixture in this collection and one of the most outstanding, as it has three models to choose from: IC Table 1 Low, IC Table 1 High and IC Table 2.

The structure of the three models is composed of a rod, available in several colours, and a sphere of light that illuminates and decorates all the spaces in a home. Their design manages to hypnotise, fascinate and enchant. In addition, they not only brighten up a home, but are also elegant and minimalist decorative elements.

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Tabouret Solvay

€674.10 -10% €749.00

Tabouret Solvay: the natural wood stools that give simplicity and warmth to all the spaces in your home.

The wood used in the manufacture of the three stools of the Tabouret Solvay collection is robust, natural and very elegant. With natural oak, smoked oak and American walnut, Jean Prouvé has created versatile and stylish pieces.

United by a powder-coated steel sheet, the legs of the Tabouret Solvay perfectly represent the personality of this designer. In addition, thanks to their flat seat, they can be used as stools or side tables.

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Butterfly stool

€674.10 -10% €749.00

The Butterfly Stool was created from different inspirations: the wings of butterflies and the combination of different techniques.

The beauty of the Butterfly Stool is unparalleled, but above all unique. This creation by Sori Yanagi manages to mix the most traditional oriental techniques with the plywood technique of Charles and Ray Eames.

A special stool not only because of the wood, maple and rosewood, used for its manufacture, but also because of the details and symbols to one of the creatures of nature that most surprises humans: the butterfly. The wings of the Butterfly Stool create an effect of comfort and style that is perfect for any room in the home.

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IC Floor Lamp

€637.50 -15% €750.00

IC Floor Lamp: the floor lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades to give life and style to your home.

Based on different inspirations and always looking for a balance between the structure and the light diffuser, the IC Floor Lamp is a floor lamp that manages to endow all spaces with elegance and purity. This is also achieved thanks to the different colours in which the structure is available: brushed brass, black, chrome and burgundy red.

Emitting a diffused light, this lamp is perfect to be placed in the living room, as it not only illuminates the area but also gives it a special style. The IC Floor Lamp comes in two models, IC FLoor 1 and IC Floor 2, which create a fantastic combination in your home.

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Mikado Coffee Table

€863.10 -10% €959.00

Mikado coffee table: reinterpretations that make a difference.

In a smaller size than the original table, the Mikado coffee table is made of top quality materials that bring warmth to your space. In the spirit of balance and equilibrium, this piece stands out in its own right thanks to its three shapes: round, oval or rectangular.

Although it is a new interpretation of the Mikado table, this coffee table is all you need in your living room to bring all your guests together.

  • -15%

Snoopy Table Lamp Black

€1,020.00 -15% €1,200.00

Snoopy the dog, the Castiglioni brothers\' main inspiration for the design of the Snoopy Lamp.

The Snoopy Lamp is striking for its structure and materials, but above all for its name. Inspired by the well-known cartoon Snoopy, this table lamp is the charm of every home.

It emits a direct light that illuminates areas and spaces that need brightness and good lighting. The Snoopy Lamp features a varnished metal reflector and a white Carrara marble base. A piece made to revive past memories and give your home personality.

  • -10%

Stone Coffee Table

€1,160.10 -10% €1,289.00

Stone coffee table: the chic table by Ethnicraft to make your living room an elegant space.

Sometimes we just need a coffee table that wraps around our living room to make us feel totally at home and the Stone coffee table is the one that gives you all these feelings. White marble and black metal make for a very enviable and gentle composition.

Moreover, not only the main part of the table is used to place decorative elements, but it also offers a first floor underneath it for more space and to place any kind of decorative element.

  • -15%

Shadow Sideboard

€2,268.65 -15% €2,669.00

Shadow sideboard: the piece that will make you forget all your storage problems.

The Shadow Sideboard, known for its sturdiness, is made from solid oak and cared for with essential oils. Each fine line of wood is visible, giving it a modern and useful style. Available in 4 different sizes, each one adapts to your needs, as you can find this sideboard in two, three, square and five doors. In short, a storage piece that will cover everything you need.

  • -15%

Captain Flint Lamp

€1,355.75 -15% €1,595.00

The Captain Flint lamp provides a solution for all spaces that need very specific lighting.

The Captain Flint lamp is as versatile as it is elegant. With a slim structure, and a brushed brass or anthracite finish, it is perfect for places where light is very necessary, such as a study or next to the reading chair. It has a very specific lighting system, as it has a direct light towards the space that needs it most.

The structure rests on a marble base that gives it that special, personal and refined touch. Thanks to this base it manages to maintain its beauty, while at the same time allowing it to rotate to all the places where a peculiar light is required.

  • -10%

Stools Stools

€1,457.10 -10% €1,619.00

Designed in 1960, and with the elegance that characterized all the creations of Charles & Ray Eames, The Stools Stools were born to give life to the lobby of Rockefeller Center in New York.

Stools Stools or better known as "The Eames Stools" are three distinct seats made of solid walnut wood, with the profile of their central axis being their main difference.

Both together and separately, they manage to give a very personal and stylish character to all the places in a home. In addition, they can also be used as side tables next to a bed, next to an armchair or as a decorative element in the dining room.

  • -10%

Armchair Costura

€1,701.90 -10% €1,891.00

The Costura Armchair: minimalist and classic.

The Costura Armchair is part of one of Stua\'s best-known collections: the Costura collection. This elegant piece is dressed in a suit to adorn and decorate the living room of a home. It respects all the standards of beauty and elegance of an armchair.

In addition, beyond aesthetics, it also guarantees comfort and convenience. Together with the sofa, it will become an essential piece in your home and will make your day to day life more enjoyable.

  • -10%

Whitebird Sideboard

€1,772.10 -10% €1,969.00

Push doors on the Whitebird Sideboard.

If there is one thing that distinguishes this piece from traditional sideboards, it is its push opening, without the need for knobs or handles. Another of its distinctions is the touch of colour on the legs, giving it a more attractive style.

This piece of furniture has three doors where you can store and keep everything you want thanks to its depth. A simple design because of its shape but original and elegant because of its round legs.

  • -10%

Burung Showcase

€2,078.10 -10% €2,309.00

Bamboo as a special touch in the Burung display cabinet by Ethnicraft.

Designed with you in mind, the Burung display cabinet is the piece that will get the most use in your home. Conceived for you to place the objects that you want to have close by and that you want to see in your day to day life. Its sliding doors, made of black varnished oak, allow you to see what is inside, but in a subtle and elegant way.

In addition, another of the mysterious characteristics of this display cabinet is that it is also made of bamboo. A material that brings vitality and luminosity to all spaces.

  • -10%

Tabwa Sideboard

€1,979.10 -10% €2,199.00

Tabwa culture in your home by Ethnicraft.

The geometric lines that make up the Tabwa sideboard have a very clear inspiration: the culture of Central Africa. This piece is so different, original and created with patterns made by the firm\'s artisans, achieving an exclusive piece of storage furniture.

The details make the difference in a sideboard made with a story behind it. In addition, the black varnished finish gives it a minimalist character typical of the Ethnicraft firm.

  • -10%

Whitebird Sideboard

€2,600.10 -10% €2,889.00

Whitebird sideboard: combining opposing pieces is also elegant.

The combination of different elements, such as the round black metal legs and the fine lines of solid wood, is the most characteristic feature of the Whitebird collection. This sideboard, consisting of two doors and three drawers, has managed to combine several types of pieces to create an attractive and functional result. It is made of oak and has a varnished finish.

  • -15%

Arco Lamp

€2,227.00 -15% €2,620.00

Designed in 1962, the Arco lamp has become an icon of the Flos brand thanks to its unique and unusual appearance.

The Arco lamp changed the way of seeing lamps as simple lighting elements and became the centre of attention in every home. Its semi-circular arc supports an aluminium shade that can be adjusted to the desired height and can also be rotated to adapt the lighting to each area.

This allows the arch to project direct light at any distance. In addition, the Italian marble base ensures that the light is stable and balanced to illuminate the entire space in the most appropriate way.