Accessories make all the difference in a home, as they speak volumes about you, your tastes and your home. In addition to decorating each space in a special way, accessories are necessary in every place to create a different atmosphere and to give it personality and style. At Manuel Lucas you will find a wide variety of unique, designer accessories with a very characteristic character.




Accessories make all the difference in a home, as they speak volumes about you, your tastes and your home. In addition to decorating each space in a special way, accessories are necessary in every place to create a different atmosphere and to give it personality and style. At Manuel Lucas you will find a wide variety of unique, designer accessories with a very characteristic character.


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U Shelf


U Shelf: the U-shaped shelf that does not go unnoticed.

Seen on a wall in the same colour, the U Shelf seems to be in the air, with nothing to hold it up. However, if you get closer, you can appreciate every detail: the oak and the metal that surrounds it.

The most remarkable thing about this shelf is its U shape and the solid wood finish. Perfect to place decorative elements, books or magazines and be absolutely sure that its resistance will not fail at any time.

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Norm Floor Mirror

€567.00 -10% €630.00

The Norm Floor Mirror brings versatility to any part of your home.

Whether you place it on the floor or on the wall, the Norm Floor Mirror is the perfect accessory. Bedrooms, bathrooms and entryways in your home will have a new companion to make your day easier. Its simple, yet elegant design makes it the ideal mirror for all spaces. It is available in both white and black.

Layers Carpet


Layers Carpet: 5 easy-to-integrate rugs with a unique sense of colour.

Focused entirely on colours and their shades, the Capas rug is adaptable to all spaces in a home. Its different colours, which manage to blend with each other, achieve a different effect of chromatic tones.

Through a new type of structure, Mathian Hahn and nanimarquina created a combination of colours where light and dark are important elements. In addition, they highlight the shades of many colours, leaving aside the black or grey shades.

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Asterisk Clock

€292.50 -10% €325.00

Asterisk watch, the happiness of people represented in an unconventional watch.

The Asterisk watch has a very peculiar shape and two different colors to combine them together. Within the Wall Clocks collection, this watch is characterized by being simple, but with a mysterious and modern touch.

Representing how people felt in the 50\'s, George Nelson showed, in each of his designs, a different mood. The Asterisk Clock symbolizes, and continues to symbolize, joy and the desire to live every day.

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€35.10 -10% €39.00

O-Tidy is the office accessory inspired by sculptures and vignettes designed by Michel Charlot for Vitra.

The union between different shapes results in the O-Tidy accessory, a container for decorative elements and daily utensils. It can be used both as an office accessory and on the desk of any studio, as it perfectly complements spaces that need to keep everything tidy and close at hand.

In addition, it goes far beyond the function of tray and cup holder and manages to be a fundamental piece in which versatility and practicality are very present in all its colors.

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Nuage Vases

€152.10 -10% €169.00

The formation of clouds in the sky: the main inspiration for the design of the Nuage Vases.

Although the Nuage Vases design was born as a plastic shelf, in the following years it evolved into what we know today as a vase for different herbs and flowers. Inspired by a cloud, the Nuage Vases sprouted from the hand of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

With a personality of their own, these accessories can be placed in any space in a home, as flowers bring joy to everyone and evoke happiness, joy and gratitude. In addition, the vases can be joined together to create a collection of elegant clouds in your own home.

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High Tray

€53.10 -10% €59.00

High Tray, the Vitra bowl that keeps your kitchen tidy, is born in a new height of the Tray.

Giving a new contemporary style to the traditional bowls, Jasper Morrison creates the High Tray, an accessory that goes a step beyond the well-known Tray trays. Also, following the same model, it is a flat plastic plate that incorporates a height to turn it into a bowl.

Serve your best desserts in it or use it for the decorative elements that mean the most to you. Use it as you want and in the place you want, since its colors are so harmonious and combinable that they look ideal in all the spaces of your home.

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Coat Dots hangers

€80.10 -10% €89.00

Coat Dots Hangers, designed by Hella Jongerius, are the result of the mix between style and functionality.

Coat Dots Hangers are wooden balls that attach to the wall so you can hang all your belongings. The three colors in which they are available allow you to make your rooms more colorful and fun, adding a touch of personality.

Combining the three colors and the hangers together is a perfect option to create a lively space. In addition, these hangers bring style to all spaces as their different shapes create an original atmosphere on the wall.

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Échasse Vase

€180.00 -10% €200.00

The Échasse collection brings the classic elegance of glass vases back to the world of design.

The Échasse Vase has a minimalist silhouette that provides a distinct and elegant touch to both modern and traditional spaces.

Its slender legs offer stability and support to the main part of the vase.

The Échasse Vase is the first piece of this amazing collection.

In the shape of a drop

Endless possibilities for experimentation

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Pepe Mármol Mirror

€459.00 -10% €510.00

Pepe Mármol Mirror: the perfect timeless accessory for your personal spaces.

As an everyday object, the Pepe Marble Mirror is a special accessory that lasts a lifetime. This small mirror is inspired by the 1950s and the Italian design of the time.

In addition, the marble gives it a more elegant and gentle touch, making it look better with age. The Pepe Marble Mirror is available in white marble and brown marble with brass frame.

Dhurrie Wellbeing Carpet


The Wellbeing Dhurrie Rug is the result of in-depth research into working with new and diverse materials.

The Dhurrie Wellbeing Rug combines warmth and softness in every rug in the collection. Made for home interiors, this piece makes the little things of everyday life special and unique.

Using age-old techniques by local craftsmen, the Wellbeing Dhurrie Rug is the result of a blend of tradition and detailing that makes rugs as authentic as this one.

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Ball Clock

€292.50 -10% €325.00

The Ball Clock is the most recognized piece of the Wall Clocks collection, designed by George Nelson.

The absence of numbers in the Wall Clocks collection is its main characteristic. Inspired by the 1950s, the Ball Clock features 12 wooden balls, in different colors, that represent the hours and, in turn, bring a different style to any space.

As a decorative element, the Ball Clock is as unique as it looks. Every detail is carefully made to obtain an incomparable result. Decorating every wall in your home with this clock will be a pleasure to behold.

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€35.10 -10% €39.00

S-Tidy, the S-shaped accessory that manages to arrange different elements in the same space.

The peculiar shape of the S-Tidy office accessory has benefits that only this piece could offer: stability, because it resists most elements; durability, because it is made to last for many years; and versatility, because being an office accessory it can also be used in a study desk.

In addition, this different touch, with a snake-like appearance, is perfect to change the environment and make it much more cheerful and lively.

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Rotary Tray

€53.10 -10% €59.00

Rotary Tray, the contemporary style rotating tray that perfectly complements all your home accessories.

The Rotary Tray has two trays, the lower tray is a simple flat plastic plate and the upper tray is smaller in size and swivel. Thanks to its versatility in both color and shape, it allows you to place anything you need to keep in a particular place.

Also, because it is an accessory with a high decorative power, it can be placed in the space you need most, either at the entrance of your home to place the keys or glasses, in the kitchen to use it as a bowl or in the living room to have the remote control always at hand.

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Eyes Cushion

€76.50 -10% €85.00

Big eyes, deep gaze and a wordless design in the Eyes Cushion.

With a vision with character and a special design, the Eyes Cushion is the accessory that is not only comfortable, but also the perfect touch of style for your rooms. The contrast between the three main colors conveys depth and a very enigmatic visual effect.

With the "Graphic Print Pillows" cushion collection, of which this magnificent accessory is a part, Alexander Girard wants to showcase folk art with abstract elements. The result is not only these cushions, but also the designer\'s own career and style.

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Hang It All coat rack

€269.10 -10% €299.00

Wooden balls for the Hang It All coat rack, an attraction in your home.

The Hang It All coat rack by Vitra is the one that will bring color to the entrance of your home, the children\'s room or wherever you want to place it. Regardless of the place, this coat rack has the ability to brighten up any space.

In more plain colors or a combination of them, whichever one you choose, it is the right one for your home. It is the most colorful and comfortable coat rack to hang coats, blankets, bags and countless personal items.

Kiila Stand coat rack


The Kiila Stand is the storage you need in the entrance and in the rooms of your home.

Daniel Rybakken used the tripod of his camera to hang his clothes and that\'s where the inspiration for the Kiila Stand Coat Stand came from. A coat rack consisting of three wooden legs and several hangers for bags, jackets and all kinds of personal items.

The Kiila Stand coat rack is made of ash wood, which allows it to support a great weight, make it incredibly resistant and keep it in one place without tipping over. It is a beautifully designed and very practical as storage.

  • -10%

Kaschkasch Mirror

€301.50 -10% €335.00

The Kaschkasch Mirror is a full-length mirror that complements every corner of a room.

The Kaschkasch Mirror has an informal, yet elegant style. Its frame, available in two different colours, provides the main contrast to the mirror. It is an innovative and eye-catching design by the Kaschkasch studio. An accessory that will charm all your spaces with its simplicity and minimalism.

Chobi Wellbeing Carpet


Touch, materiality, craftsmanship and quality: the fundamental pillars of the Wellbeing Chobi rug.

The Wellbeing Chobi rug is the result of in-depth research by nanimarquina to work with new materials and make it a rug that is easy to maintain and care for.

In addition, it transmits warmth and softness anywhere in your home, making it a unique and very cosy space for all the members of your family. The Wellbeing Chobi rug combines tradition and innovation in a single piece.

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€38.21 -15% €44.95

In Kay Bojesen\'s collection of wooden animals, man\'s best friend could not be missing: the Terrier dog.

Terrier is one of Kay Bojesen\'s most popular wooden toys. With the creation of animals that let your imagination run wild, Terrier has his head tilted to one side like a real dog\'s expression and his tail is held in the air.

This design object accompanies everyone in a household, both in their quiet moments and in children\'s games, as it was also born to offer a wooden toy for the little ones.

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€107.10 -10% €119.00

Trays, the set of three trays that decorates with a lot of personality all the spaces of a home.

Vitra\'s flat plates, or better known as Trays, are a kind of trays that besides offering a decorative touch, have a practical function. Serve your teas on it to enjoy a perfect afternoon with your loved ones or keep it in one place as another accessory.

Using the gradient in colors like red and green achieves, as a result, to create a harmony between the three pieces and makes the Trays special, attractive and with a very unique and different aesthetic to the traditional flat plates.

  • -10%

Cork Bowl

€134.10 -10% €149.00

As a kitchen accessory, the Cork Bowls serve both as bowls and trays for storing all kinds of things.

The Cork Bowls are made of pure turned cork, a high-quality material that gives these accessories a velvety touch. For your home kitchen or wherever you need them most, the Cork Bowls are perfect for bringing these areas to life.

In addition, the Cork Bowls are in line with Vitra\'s sustainability values, as the cork they are made of is a renewable material that is committed to the environment.

  • -10%

Puppy XS

€58.50 -10% €65.00

Puppy XS: the possibility of using an accessory as a toy or as a decoration in different areas of a house.

Puppy XS is the small dog figure from the Magis Me Too collection. As an icon of modern Finnish and world design, this accessory accompanies both children and adults. As a toy for the little ones and as a design object to admire for the older ones.

It is available in various matt colours and in a larger version: Puppy. Both form a cosy and warm combination to watch for hours and feel that the best friend of the whole family is in your home.