Dining room

Dining room

As a meeting point for the whole family, the dining room is an essential area that must be decorated according to the needs of each project. That is why at Manuel Lucas we work with various firms that have a wide range of products for this valuable meeting and conversation space.

Dining room


Dining room

As a meeting point for the whole family, the dining room is an essential area that must be decorated according to the needs of each project. That is why at Manuel Lucas we work with various firms that have a wide range of products for this valuable meeting and conversation space.

Dining room

Dining room

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Bok Side Table

€440.10 -10% €489.00

Bok side table: the timeless table that lasts for years.

There are tables that make a difference because of their details, their shape or simply because they are out of the ordinary. But there are others that are even more distinctive and are characterised by their simplicity and warmth. The Bok side table is one of them.

Thanks to the integrated table in the lower part of the piece, decorating it to your taste is much more practical and comfortable. You can also combine it with the chairs from the Bok collection and turn your living room into a space full of harmony and harmony.

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Frisbi lamp

€446.25 -15% €525.00

In 1978, Italian designer Achille Castiglioni created the Frisbi Lamp, a suspension lamp made with an impeccable design.

The Frisbi Lamp has become an iconic Flos lighting system due to its shape. Held by three thin and almost invisible cables, this lamp emits a direct/indirect and diffused light, ideal for large spaces and high ceilings.

The name of this lamp is also very particular, as the shape of the reflector is reminiscent of the children\'s game of "frisbee" or flying saucer. With only one finish, the Frisbi lamp is unique and gives off a special aura in all spaces.

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Bok chair

€530.10 -10% €589.00

Nature and delicacy come together in the Bok chair.

Together with its table, the Bok chair is one of Ethnicraft\'s most recognisable pieces. Its simple yet contemporary design transforms any room into a relaxing and warm space. Depending on the style of each home, there are four solid wood materials to choose from to match the chair to all the furniture in a space.

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Upholstered Bok Chair

€674.10 -10% €749.00

Different upholsteries for the Bok chair, one of Ethnicraft\'s most renowned chairs.

In a top model of the Bok chair, the added cushions are the highlight of these pieces. Besides the fact that the chair has a design made with oak and black oak, the cushion produces more comfort and cosiness for the person who has the pleasure to sit on it.

The difference with the traditional Ethnicraft chair is that it has different upholsteries: cognac leather, dark brown, black leather and grey. The choice is up to you.

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Slice table

€1,169.10 -10% €1,299.00

A table for the dining room, for the kitchen or as a desk: the Slice Table fits into any room in your home.

One of the most special features of this table is its minimalist, slim-line design. Made of solid wood, it is the one that will give the touch of elegance and sophistication you want in your home. Choose from four sizes and let it fit your dining room, making it the place in the house where the whole family will enjoy.

The designer of this piece, Alain van Havre, also designed the Slice Extending Table, a table for more seating and more pleasure. Both the Slice Table and its extendable version convey warmth and subtlety.

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Wiggle Side Chair

€918.00 -15% €1,080.00

The "Easy Edges" collection features such spectacular design pieces as the Wiggle Side Chair.

Made of corrugated cardboard, the Wiggle Side Chair contains all the characteristics of a conventional chair, but pushes the limits of originality. The architect and designer of this piece, Frank Gehry, proved once again that with simple materials it is possible to create incredible and, above all, functional furniture for everyday use.

Wiggle Side Chair is a special, different and stylish seat. Its sturdiness and personality give the space a unique and eye-catching feel. Together with this chair, the Wiggle Stool was created. Together they form a seating family that will not go unnoticed by any of your guests.

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Bok Table

€1,619.10 -10% €1,799.00

The Bok Table by Ethnicraft is ideal to give that touch of design to your dining room.

The iconic table from Ethnicraft, together with its chairs, provides the warmth that we are all looking for in our home. It is often difficult to find a piece that meets the requirements of a dining room or kitchen, but with this table everything is easier.

Thanks to the solid oak, black oak and teak wood, the Bok Table is the perfect table to feel elegance and simplicity in the same space. It has multiple sizes that you can choose from depending on your needs and create a comfortable and cosy environment for the whole family.

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Shadow Sideboard

€2,402.10 -10% €2,669.00

Shadow sideboard: the piece that will make you forget all your storage problems.

The Shadow Sideboard, known for its sturdiness, is made from solid oak and cared for with essential oils. Each fine line of wood is visible, giving it a modern and useful style. Available in 4 different sizes, each one adapts to your needs, as you can find this sideboard in two, three, square and five doors. In short, a storage piece that will cover everything you need.

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Lau Rectangular Table

€1,547.85 -15% €1,821.00

The Lau Rectangular Table is the table of choice to decorate your dining room, to invite all your relatives and to spend time around this spectacular table.

From the present and the future, from all possible generations, the Lau Rectangular Table is characterised by its timelessness. No matter the time, this piece is unique, personal and for a lifetime.

Its legs manage to create a union with the top. This simple detail makes the table suitable for both the kitchen and the dining room and can be combined with all Stua chairs. Designs that are simple, but together produce a visual effect that is elegant, comfortable and perfect for the whole family.

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Circle Table

€1,862.10 -10% €2,069.00

The balance between solid varnished oak and the legs of the Circle table.

Inviting your loved ones, friends or acquaintances to your home will no longer be a problem. You will spend hours and hours around a table whose balance is the basis of everything. The Circle table has a varnished oak effect, achieved thanks to the essential oils that are used to finish the solid wood. It is the circular table that will decorate any space in your home that needs a piece as unique, cosy and special as this one.

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Mikado Table

€2,384.10 -10% €2,649.00

The structure of the Mikado Table is unique and different.

With just a small touch in your living or dining room you can create a warm, pure and comfortable place for the whole family. The wooden legs are a statement that different also has its own style and that the rectangular finish is the finishing touch for an unbeatable table.

And another great feature of this table is that it can accommodate quite a few people, so you can celebrate and invite as many people as you want and have a great day together around it.

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Slice Extending Table

€2,546.10 -10% €2,829.00

Warmth in the form of a table, that\'s the Slice Extendable table by Ethnicraft.

Sturdy, resistant and made of solid wood, the Slice Extendable table adapts to your style with its simplicity and delicacy. Your dining room will be different and you will be able to enjoy all the good times with your family, friends and partner.

Thanks to its extendable function it can become a bigger table and therefore a table with more seating for all your guests. It is available in different sizes, including the legs, so you can choose which one is perfect for your dining room or living room, but above all for you.

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Bok Extending leaf table - Oak

€2,654.10 -10% €2,949.00

To share with your family and friends.

The Bok Extendable table by Ethnicraft is perfect for events, dinners and celebrations that you organise at home. The solid wood design makes this piece unique and durable, regardless of the passing of the years.

In different finishes and sizes you can combine it with its chairs and make your home as beautiful as it is comfortable.

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Mikado Oval Table

€3,419.10 -10% €3,799.00

The perfect table for guests is oval and inspiring.

A table with a difference but with a very defined style, the Mikado Oval table strikes a balance between the functionality and stability that a table requires. Its oval shape allows a more joint vision and a better connection with others, as it manages to bring together in one place all the people you want. It is one of the firm\'s most recognised designs and all its characteristics confirm this.

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Double Extending Table

€3,779.10 -10% €4,199.00

Created for the whole family, the Double Extending Table features an innovative structure and a warm design.

The Double Extending Table has a solid wood design that brings life to every part of your dining room. In different finishes, in oak and teak, you can choose the one that best suits your style. It is a sure hit, because when you have guests, it will be what brings you all together. Although it looks heavy, it can be easily moved and made larger without the need for a lot of strength.

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HAL Ply Tube Chair

€425.00 -15% €500.00

Clean and contemporary in appearance.

The combination of a wooden shell and a discreet four-legged base in chrome-plated or powder-coated steel makes it one of the most elegant and versatile versions of the HAL family of chairs.

Its design provides great freedom of movement in a variety of seating positions.

  • -15%

Panton Chair

€296.65 -15% €349.00

An icon of 20th century design.

Made entirely of one-piece plastic.

Available in a variety of soft or bold colors. Made of dyed polypropylene, glossy matte surface.

Suitable for outdoor use, although limited exposure to sunlight is recommended.

  • -15%

DCM Plywood chair

€892.50 -15% €1,050.00

Classic, natural, ergonomic and comfortable.

It is the result of the search to adapt the three-dimensional shapes of the human body to molded plywood.

The combination of the wooden top with a chrome-plated tubular steel base gives great lightness to the design.

  • -15%

DCW Plywood chair

€1,470.50 -15% €1,730.00

Classic, natural, ergonomic and comfortable.

Made of plywood molded into complex, organic shapes.

The look of this iconic chair remains contemporary despite the passage of time.