Metal Wire Chair

Metal Wire Chair

Metal Wire Chair

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Metal Wire Chair, the chair with personality and character from HK Living.

A home should be a place of respite and peace after a long day's work. That is why furniture has to adapt to all the needs of the human body. The Metal Wire Chair is the one that has all the necessary characteristics to become the living room and kitchen chair that best matches the environment.

You can keep the chair as it is, made of metal, or add a seat cushion and two armrests in different colours that bring colour, life and much more comfort to the chairs in the Wire collection.

Available in 3 colours: white, black and chrome.



Width: 54 cm x Depth: 47 cm x Height: 86h cm
Main material
Seat height
43,5 cm
Seat depth
46,5 cm
Outdoor use
4 to 10 weeks.

Brand: HKLiving

{"name":"Dimensions","value":"Width: 54 cm x Depth: 47 cm x Height: 86h cm","id_feature":"23","position":"9"}

Dimensions: Width: 54 cm x Depth: 47 cm x Height: 86h cm

{"name":"Main material","value":"Metal","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}

Main material: Metal

{"name":"Seat height","value":"43,5 cm","id_feature":"21","position":"13"}

Seat height: 43,5 cm

{"name":"Seat depth","value":"46,5 cm","id_feature":"24","position":"37"}

Seat depth: 46,5 cm

{"name":"Outdoor use","value":"No","id_feature":"25","position":"39"}

Outdoor use: No

{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"4 to 10 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}

Shipping_time: 4 to 10 weeks.


{"name":"Brand","value":"HKLiving","id_feature":"40","position":"1"} {"name":"Brand","value":"HKLiving","id_feature":"40","position":"1"}
{"name":"Dimensions","value":"Width: 54 cm x Depth: 47 cm x Height: 86h cm","id_feature":"23","position":"9"} {"name":"Dimensions","value":"Width: 54 cm x Depth: 47 cm x Height: 86h cm","id_feature":"23","position":"9"}
{"name":"Main material","value":"Metal","id_feature":"13","position":"12"} {"name":"Main material","value":"Metal","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}
{"name":"Seat height","value":"43,5 cm","id_feature":"21","position":"13"} {"name":"Seat height","value":"43,5 cm","id_feature":"21","position":"13"}
{"name":"Seat depth","value":"46,5 cm","id_feature":"24","position":"37"} {"name":"Seat depth","value":"46,5 cm","id_feature":"24","position":"37"}
{"name":"Outdoor use","value":"No","id_feature":"25","position":"39"} {"name":"Outdoor use","value":"No","id_feature":"25","position":"39"}
{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"4 to 10 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"} {"name":"Shipping_time","value":"4 to 10 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}

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