Stools and Benches

Stools and benches

At Manuel Lucas we are always looking for new seating options, such as stools and benches. These two pieces are elements that give a more modern aesthetic to the space and adapt to it perfectly.

Stools and Benches

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Stools and benches

At Manuel Lucas we are always looking for new seating options, such as stools and benches. These two pieces are elements that give a more modern aesthetic to the space and adapt to it perfectly.

Stools and Benches

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HAL stool

€661.50 -10% €735.00

Discreet, comfortable and functional design.

Gas cushioning mechanism yields comfortably under the user for an optimal seating experience.

Made of dyed polypropylene with a swivel mechanism and the option to upholster the seat (bolted to the shell).

The base is made of tubular steel with adjustable height, being one part powder coated in basic dark color and the other part chrome plated with anti-slip surface.

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HAL Ply stool

€864.00 -10% €960.00

Versatile, clean lines and a contemporary look.

Gas cushioning mechanism yields comfortably under the user for an optimal seating experience.

Made of laminated wood with a swivel mechanism and a choice of a darker or more natural finish.

The base is height-adjustable tubular steel, with one side powder-coated in basic dark and the other side chrome-plated with a non-slip surface.

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Tabourete Haut

€809.10 -10% €899.00

A classic and timeless design.

Inspired by a traditional design: round seat on four long, slanted legs.

The chrome-plated steel ring with non-slip surface ensures stability and provides a comfortable footrest.

Available in solid oak with a natural or dark-stained finish.

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Elephant Stool, Cream

€98.10 -10% €109.00

The Elephant Stool by Japanese designer Sori Yanagi is known to be one of the icons of the post-war era.

Marking a before and after in the elements of a home, the Elephant Stool is as functional as it is incredible. Its structure allows it to be used in any space, either as another seat for the interior and exterior of a home or as a small table where to place different accessories.

In addition, this stool can be stored and stacked anywhere thanks to its shape. It is a seating option for all kinds of places in a house, such as the living room or the garden.

Metal Wire Stool


On their own, stools already have their own personality, but if you add an even more personalised structure, you get a stool like the Metal Wire Stool.

The advantages of the Metal Wire Stool are endless, as it is stylish, has a very personal design and above all provides comfort. However, it is not only these three factors that make it special.

Thanks to its height, it is able to adjust to both high tables and standard heights, as well as being able to be placed under the surface of the table or island. At the same time, the metal structure of this piece gives a more modern aesthetic to any place in the house. Small details that make this piece a must-have.

Available in 3 colours: black, gold and chrome.

Stool N3


In the N3 Stool you can appreciate the lines of solid wood, the main material of this piece of furniture.

A stool made of oak that conveys quality, strength and friendliness. Wood provides an effect that no other material achieves and results in unique pieces, such as the N3 stool. Only treated with special oils, it is what makes it unique and with an incomparable beauty. In short, it gives meaning and a special touch to one of the busiest parts of your home.

Ottoman Lounge Teak Natural


Purity and naturalness, that\'s the Ottoman Lounge Teak Natural by HK Living.

Ottoman Lounge Teak Natural is a practical and versatile piece, which can be placed together with the Lounge Chair Teak Natural or simply next to a wall, and turn it into a side table where you can place decorative accessories or belongings from your bedroom or living room.

Its versatility allows it to blend in with all the styles of a home, as well as its natural wood colour gives it warmth and makes the environment a welcoming place for the whole family.

Osso High Stool


Add height to your dining room with the Osso High Stool.

The definition of the Osso High Stool can be summed up in one word: versatility. This piece is one of Ethnicraft\'s most popular pieces for this reason, because you can use it for whatever you want. It doesn\'t matter where you place it, but what you use it for.

Combine it with the different solid wood tables of the brand or with the oak, black stained oak or walnut sideboards. This will create a warm, stylish and very elegant space.

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Miunn 104 stool

€435.06 -15% €511.83

Comfortable for people and adaptable to all spaces: the Miunn stool is as practical as it is enveloping.

The Miunn stool can be defined in one word: comfort. Perfect as an additional seat at the kitchen counter, this stool envelops and adapts to the body of every person. Winner of one of the most important design awards, the Interior Innovation Award, it declares itself to be the stool that no home should be without.

Created from a 3D curved sheet of wood, both the structure and the shell have several finishes to choose from and make it fit in perfectly with the style and interior of each home. It is also available for outdoor areas, thanks to different finishes that adapt to the outdoor space.

DC Stool


Created by the well-known designer Djordje Cukanovic, the DC Stool by Ethnicraft is simple, different and comfortable.

The DC stool, with backrest, is the ideal stool to add colour to your dining room. Upholstered in light grey, this stool has a different style to the traditional Ethnicraft stool, but, nevertheless, you can also appreciate small touches that identify this firm: such as that they are easy to combine with the solid wood materials.

The mix between the light grey colour and the black lacquered legs makes this piece pure elegance. Every detail of this stool is special and it shows it even in its name, as the initials DC refer to the name of its designer: Djordje Cukanovic.

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Cork Family Stool

€413.10 -10% €459.00

Cork Family: five stools with personality and character to fill your home with life.

The Cork Family stools are versatile, stylish and, above all, very original pieces. The five members of this family, from model A to model E, complement each space perfectly. As seating or side tables, the Cork Family Stools represent simplicity and elegance at the same time.

They are ideal elements for decoration and furniture, always maintaining their function and nature, thanks to the main material used for their manufacture: cork. This material makes them extremely resistant, visually light and very soft.

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Wiggle Stool

€517.50 -10% €575.00

Within the "Easy Edges" collection by designer Fran Gehry is the Wiggle Stool, a special stool inspired by traditional African seating.

Wiggle Stool is not just any stool, it is a unique piece where simplicity and nature are the main pillars. It is made of cardboard, which gives it robustness, durability and personality.

Frank Gehry managed to give shape to such a common material as cardboard, turning it into a piece of furniture for every room in a home. Wiggle Stool is very versatile, as it can be used both as a side table in the living room or as a seat in the dining room.

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Miunn 4-legged stool

€619.16 -15% €728.42

With every detail as if it were an element of nature, the Miunn Stool has an enveloping essence in all its heights.

The Miunn Stool is a comfortable, functional seat that is fully adaptable to any body. Always with the shape of the human body in mind, this stool is inspired by nature. In the small details of everyday life that flow into each other. This piece is perfect for the high areas of a home, in order to support the back of the human body, like a palm holding water.

Spindle Bank


Nothing more natural for any space in your home than the Spindle Bench finish.

Inspired by a traditional spinning wheel, the Spindle Bench is one of Ethnicraft\'s most natural designs. The oils used for its finish allow you to see, in a very subtle way, the solid wood from which it is made. Both the backrest and the seat are created with top quality wood and in a single material: oak, so you can choose the finish that best suits your style.

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Tabouret Solvay

€674.10 -10% €749.00

Tabouret Solvay: the natural wood stools that give simplicity and warmth to all the spaces in your home.

The wood used in the manufacture of the three stools of the Tabouret Solvay collection is robust, natural and very elegant. With natural oak, smoked oak and American walnut, Jean Prouvé has created versatile and stylish pieces.

United by a powder-coated steel sheet, the legs of the Tabouret Solvay perfectly represent the personality of this designer. In addition, thanks to their flat seat, they can be used as stools or side tables.

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Butterfly stool

€674.10 -10% €749.00

The Butterfly Stool was created from different inspirations: the wings of butterflies and the combination of different techniques.

The beauty of the Butterfly Stool is unparalleled, but above all unique. This creation by Sori Yanagi manages to mix the most traditional oriental techniques with the plywood technique of Charles and Ray Eames.

A special stool not only because of the wood, maple and rosewood, used for its manufacture, but also because of the details and symbols to one of the creatures of nature that most surprises humans: the butterfly. The wings of the Butterfly Stool create an effect of comfort and style that is perfect for any room in the home.

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Stools Stools

€1,457.10 -10% €1,619.00

Designed in 1960, and with the elegance that characterized all the creations of Charles & Ray Eames, The Stools Stools were born to give life to the lobby of Rockefeller Center in New York.

Stools Stools or better known as "The Eames Stools" are three distinct seats made of solid walnut wood, with the profile of their central axis being their main difference.

Both together and separately, they manage to give a very personal and stylish character to all the places in a home. In addition, they can also be used as side tables next to a bed, next to an armchair or as a decorative element in the dining room.

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Deneb stool

€288.90 -10% €321.00

The outdoor areas should also have their own style and with furniture adapted to them. The Deneb Stool from the Deneb collection is one of them.

The Deneb Stool is the smallest piece of this outdoor furniture collection. Handy and adaptable, this piece is perfect for decorating your garden, terrace or any outdoor part of your home. The teak wood, the main material of this stool, manages to protect it from possible problems in the outskirts of a house.

As it is a small stool, it can be easily stored under the Deneb table. In this way, it is protected from possible atmospheric agents and manages to give more space to your areas.

Rattan stool


To give that natural touch to your home, you need the HK Living Rattan Natural Stool.

The Rattan Natural Stool is a classic of this firm. Available in two different finishes, both natural and black, it maintains the warmth and naturalness that rattan provides. It is perfect for your kitchen island or for the high tables in your home. Plus, it\'s so comfortable that all your family and guests will want to sit on it.

We recommend using a cushion for extra comfort.

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Giotto stool

€745.66 -15% €877.25

Giotto stool: a Zanotta\'s classic now also in your home.

The Giotto Stool has a simple structure: three legs that join together on a red support to form the base of the round seat. However, after so many years, it is still one of Zanotta\'s favourites, both for its simplicity and for everything it conveys.

It is inspired by all the stools that are in architectural studios and that are now transported to your home to be a unique piece. The natural varnished beech wood and the red touch of the support give it that traditional 70\'s design touch.

  • -10%

Afteroom stool

€580.50 -10% €645.00

Innovative and simple.

A fourth leg has been incorporated into its construction, which gives it additional support and stability.

Minimalist design and clean lines together with functionality add value to the product.

By reducing the amount of material to a minimum, the aesthetic appearance is enhanced to the maximum.

  • -15%

Beetle Stool - Conic Base

€339.15 -15% €399.00

Beetle stool - Conic Base: comfort, solidity and beauty in a single piece.

The Beetle collection is inspired by the body of the Beetle and its elegantly curved shape. The Beetle Conic Base Stool is durable, attractive and infinitely configurable. All combinations are possible for public spaces and family residences.

It comes in two heights, 65 cm and 75 cm, perfect for the kitchen island or a countertop. And you can customise it to your liking thanks to the four colours of the casing and the three finishes of the base.

  • -10%

Onda Stool H66

€311.40 -10% €346.00

The Onda Stool is special, both in its heights and its structure.

The difference is in the details and the Onda Stool is full of them. The seat is created with the human body in mind. The curve of a person\'s back adapts perfectly to it. In addition, it also has a small "cushion" in the seat part to provide all the comfort you need when sitting.

The three different heights allow it to be used on tables of different sizes, offering versatility and always in accordance with the style of each home. The finish of its legs makes the base support the full weight of a person and maintain their posture in a suitable way.