Kokeshi Dolls Andy

Kokeshi Dolls Andy

Diseñado por Becky Kemp para Lucie Kaas

Kokeshi Dolls Andy

Diseñado por Becky Kemp para Lucie Kaas
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Lucie Kaas
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Kokeshi Dolls are wooden dolls inspired by popular characters in the world of fashion, music and art.

Reinterpreted by Becky Kemp, the Kokeshi Dolls come from Japanese culture and are dolls that consist of simple trunk shapes and large, rounded heads. Lucie Kass dolls have these characteristics and also have their own style, style and a lot of history behind them.

With a unique personality, these doll-like treasures have revolutionised the world of decoration and in particular the world of accessories, as each piece is hand-painted, giving it a totally unique and personalised touch.

Lucie Kaas


Becky Kemp
Main material
Beech wood
3 to 5 weeks.
Size small
14,5 cm
Type of shipment
Fast shipping
{"name":"design","value":"Becky Kemp","id_feature":"1","position":"0"} {"name":"Brand","value":"Lucie-Kaas","id_feature":"40","position":"1"}

Brand: Lucie-Kaas

{"name":"Main material","value":"Beech wood","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}

Main material: Beech wood

{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"3 to 5 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}

Shipping_time: 3 to 5 weeks.

{"name":"Size small","value":"14,5 cm","id_feature":"95","position":"107"}

Size small: 14,5 cm

{"name":"Type of shipment","value":"Fast shipping","id_feature":"128","position":"134"}


{"name":"design","value":"Becky Kemp","id_feature":"1","position":"0"} {"name":"design","value":"Becky Kemp","id_feature":"1","position":"0"}
{"name":"Brand","value":"Lucie-Kaas","id_feature":"40","position":"1"} {"name":"Brand","value":"Lucie-Kaas","id_feature":"40","position":"1"}
{"name":"Main material","value":"Beech wood","id_feature":"13","position":"12"} {"name":"Main material","value":"Beech wood","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}
{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"3 to 5 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"} {"name":"Shipping_time","value":"3 to 5 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}
{"name":"Size small","value":"14,5 cm","id_feature":"95","position":"107"} {"name":"Size small","value":"14,5 cm","id_feature":"95","position":"107"}
{"name":"Type of shipment","value":"Fast shipping","id_feature":"128","position":"134"} {"name":"Type of shipment","value":"Fast shipping","id_feature":"128","position":"134"}

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