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Legal notice on the use of cookies

Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server to record some user activities on the website. Cookies placed by us, our business partners or other parties when you visit this website do not personally recognize you as an individual or harm your device in any way; They only recognize the device you are using, allow you to access various important features of the website, keep private areas of the website secure, remember your preferences, personalize website content to make it more relevant to you, and allow us to count the number of visits we receive on each page and make anonymous statistical analyzes to improve our service.

To comply with current legislation, we have to ask for your permission to manage cookies. In the case of continuing to browse our website without denying your authorization, it implies that you accept its use.

When you browse our website, own or third-party cookies may be downloaded that may be stored in your browser. Except for session cookies (which are temporary), most of our cookies have a defined duration that you can check from your browser or operating system. These cookies are installed for the following purposes:

CSession ontrol: They allow us to recognize you when you access the personal area of, establish measures to protect you against unauthorized access attempts, as well as remember your selections in forms (for example, during the registration or purchase process). Without session cookies, when you click on any link (for example, "next"), the new page would not recognize your previous activity on the previous pages and your registration/purchase process could not be completed. In general, they are temporary files, which are deleted when you close the browser, in such a way that, when you return to, you will have to log in again if you want to access your personal area.

Preferences: They allow the site to remember your preferences for the appearance or behavior of the web. If you decide to delete these cookies, the functionality of the site will not be affected, although your user experience may be worse, since you will have to select your preferences each time you visit the site.

Analytics: They allow us to know how each user interacts with our website (for example, which pages generate the most interest, how many people have visited the site, what is the average time of a visit to the site, etc.). This information is processed anonymously in order to find out what interests our public the most and how we can improve the offer of products and services, the operation of the website or your experience as a user. Although they are not necessary to navigate through, we would like you to help us improve by accepting these cookies, which will never store any personal information about you.

To activate/deactivate cookies you will have to do it through your Internet browser. You can configure it to be notified on the screen of the reception of cookies and accept them or not individually, as well as to prevent their installation on your hard drive by default. Here you have information on how to activate/deactivate cookies in your browser. In the event that your browser does not accept cookies by default, your experience on the website may be limited (for example, you may not be able to make a purchase successfully).