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Manuel Lucas Furniture we are the fruit of evolution. In 1944, we started as a furniture store and, over the years, we have become an interior design studio selling furniture and lighting. This great progress has made us perfectly familiar with all national and international furniture and lighting manufacturers.

We are a small study, but we have a team of professionals at your disposal who are very close in dealing with the client, with a very marked philosophy of advising the client and always looking solely and exclusively for your benefit. We know how important each project is for you and, therefore, we try to materialize your dreams by putting all our hearts and giving the best of the profession we love.

For us, the main thing in a home is the distribution of spaces more than the chosen furniture. We always say that a poorly distributed space with very nice pieces can be an unpleasant space and a space with not so pretty pieces, but well distributed, can be a very functional space. To achieve this, we study each space with care and dedication, helping you in the choice of materials.

Contact us, tell us what needs you have and we will find the best solution to help you. We adapt to your needs and budget. We service interior design projects, furniture projects, reforms, furniture, lighting, kitchens, rest, etc.

Our services:    

·Interior design projects      

·Furniture projects      

Comprehensive reforms (carpentry, painting, electricity...)      


·Wardrobes and dressing rooms      

Youth bedrooms      



·Papers and fabrics

Manuel Lucas furniture and decoration store