Gräshoppa lamp

Gräshoppa lamp

Diseñado por Greta M. Grossman para Gubi en el anyo 1947

Gräshoppa lamp

Diseñado por Greta M. Grossman para Gubi en el anyo 1947
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Gräshoppa Lamp: Gubi's most iconic floor lamp designed by the even more iconic designer Greta Magnusson Grossman.

The tripod that holds the shade of the Gräshoppa Lamp is tilted backwards, giving life and energy to a lamp made especially for the quieter areas of the house, such as the bedroom or living room. Instead, the lampshade containing the bulb is directed downwards, emitting a direct light to the place you most need to illuminate.

Available in ten finishes, the entire structure of the Gräshoppa lamp is powder-coated in different colours. This great variety allows you to choose the colour that best suits your style and your home, without depriving you of the elegance and warmth of this incredible floor lamp.



Greta M. Grossman
Powder coated in various colours.
Width: 43.5 cm x Height: 125 cm
10 to 12 weeks.
Cable length
230 centimetres.
Type of shipment
Fast shipping
{"name":"design","value":"Greta M. Grossman","id_feature":"1","position":"0"} {"name":"Brand","value":"Gubi","id_feature":"40","position":"1"}

Brand: Gubi

{"name":"Structure","value":"Powder coated in various colours.","id_feature":"58","position":"8"}

Structure: Powder coated in various colours.

{"name":"Dimensions","value":"Width: 43.5 cm x Height: 125 cm","id_feature":"23","position":"9"}

Dimensions: Width: 43.5 cm x Height: 125 cm

{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"10 to 12 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}

Shipping_time: 10 to 12 weeks.

{"name":"year","value":"1947","id_feature":"59","position":"68"} {"name":"Cable length","value":"230 centimetres.","id_feature":"94","position":"106"}

Cable length: 230 centimetres.

{"name":"Type of shipment","value":"Fast shipping","id_feature":"128","position":"134"}


{"name":"design","value":"Greta M. Grossman","id_feature":"1","position":"0"} {"name":"design","value":"Greta M. Grossman","id_feature":"1","position":"0"}
{"name":"Brand","value":"Gubi","id_feature":"40","position":"1"} {"name":"Brand","value":"Gubi","id_feature":"40","position":"1"}
{"name":"Structure","value":"Powder coated in various colours.","id_feature":"58","position":"8"} {"name":"Structure","value":"Powder coated in various colours.","id_feature":"58","position":"8"}
{"name":"Dimensions","value":"Width: 43.5 cm x Height: 125 cm","id_feature":"23","position":"9"} {"name":"Dimensions","value":"Width: 43.5 cm x Height: 125 cm","id_feature":"23","position":"9"}
{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"10 to 12 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"} {"name":"Shipping_time","value":"10 to 12 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}
{"name":"year","value":"1947","id_feature":"59","position":"68"} {"name":"year","value":"1947","id_feature":"59","position":"68"}
{"name":"Cable length","value":"230 centimetres.","id_feature":"94","position":"106"} {"name":"Cable length","value":"230 centimetres.","id_feature":"94","position":"106"}
{"name":"Type of shipment","value":"Fast shipping","id_feature":"128","position":"134"} {"name":"Type of shipment","value":"Fast shipping","id_feature":"128","position":"134"}

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