Eames House Bird

Eames House Bird

Diseñado por Charles & Ray Eames para Vitra

Eames House Bird

Diseñado por Charles & Ray Eames para Vitra
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The purity and freedom of birds represented in the Eames House Bird.

Charles and Ray Eames filled their home with very special accessories from all their travels around the world and the Eames House Bird was one of them. The Eames House Bird is a very peculiar design object because of its history.

It is a piece of craftsmanship made with American materials and with an important value for its creators, for Vitra and it will also be for you, since it is an accessory that is always in trend and that transmits freedom, typical of the birds that fly in the sky.



Charles & Ray Eames
Main material
Alder wood
Main material
Walnut with transparent varnish
27.8 cm x 27.6 cm
Leg finish
Steel wire
4 to 8 weeks.
{"name":"design","value":"Charles & Ray Eames","id_feature":"1","position":"0"} {"name":"Brand","value":"Vitra","id_feature":"40","position":"1"}

Brand: Vitra

{"name":"Main material","value":"Alder wood","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}

Main material: Alder wood

{"name":"Main material","value":"Walnut with transparent varnish","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}

Main material: Walnut with transparent varnish

{"name":"Measure","value":"27.8 cm x 27.6 cm","id_feature":"8","position":"16"}

Measure: 27.8 cm x 27.6 cm

{"name":"Leg finish","value":"Steel wire","id_feature":"10","position":"32"}

Leg finish: Steel wire

{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"4 to 8 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}

Shipping_time: 4 to 8 weeks.


{"name":"design","value":"Charles & Ray Eames","id_feature":"1","position":"0"} {"name":"design","value":"Charles & Ray Eames","id_feature":"1","position":"0"}
{"name":"Brand","value":"Vitra","id_feature":"40","position":"1"} {"name":"Brand","value":"Vitra","id_feature":"40","position":"1"}
{"name":"Main material","value":"Alder wood","id_feature":"13","position":"12"} {"name":"Main material","value":"Alder wood","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}
{"name":"Main material","value":"Walnut with transparent varnish","id_feature":"13","position":"12"} {"name":"Main material","value":"Walnut with transparent varnish","id_feature":"13","position":"12"}
{"name":"Measure","value":"27.8 cm x 27.6 cm","id_feature":"8","position":"16"} {"name":"Measure","value":"27.8 cm x 27.6 cm","id_feature":"8","position":"16"}
{"name":"Leg finish","value":"Steel wire","id_feature":"10","position":"32"} {"name":"Leg finish","value":"Steel wire","id_feature":"10","position":"32"}
{"name":"Shipping_time","value":"4 to 8 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"} {"name":"Shipping_time","value":"4 to 8 weeks.","id_feature":"30","position":"42"}

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