The chair is a fundamental element in any home, whether for the kitchen, the dining room or the desk. Apart from being a necessary piece, it is important for the human body. In Manuel Lucas we know the repercussion that a chair can have in the day to day, that's why we have different models and designs to solve different needs.


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The chair is a fundamental element in any home, whether for the kitchen, the dining room or the desk. Apart from being a necessary piece, it is important for the human body. In Manuel Lucas we know the repercussion that a chair can have in the day to day, that's why we have different models and designs to solve different needs.



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Globus Wood Chair

€264.35 -15% €311.00

Moulded wood to personalise an iconic chair: the Globus Chair in Wood.

In keeping with Stua\'s tradition, moulding wood is an art for them and they demonstrate it in chairs such as the Globus collection. The silhouette of this piece made in wood from French forests is its differentiating touch. In addition, the backrest of the Globus chair is inspired by a hot air balloon.

Make your kitchen the centre of attention for everyone who lives in your home and for those who visit it, both for its comfort and for its unique and singular style, as every detail is designed to make sitting time a magnificent experience.

  • -15%

Laclasica chair

€475.15 -15% €559.00

Laclasica: Jesús Gasca\'s renewed collection for the firm Stua, whose main seat is the Laclasica Chair.

Any space wants the Laclasica Chair. Made of 3D moulded wood, this chair has evolved to become what it is today: a simple and magical piece both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

The sensuality in its shape and the curves of the chair itself accommodate every part of the body, achieving comfort and tranquillity. The result is timeless, elegant and always with your comfort and well-being in mind.

It can also be upholstered with any fabric from the STUA-Kvadrat collection, eco-leather or Group 4 leather.

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Laclassic Chair with Arms

€613.70 -15% €722.00

Laclasica Chair with Arms, the new 3D-moulded wooden chair from the firm Stua.

In a new version by Jesús Gasca, the Laclasica Chair has two arms on each side. The legs end at the backrest and create this wonderful chair, with greater comfort for the body and meeting the same standards as the Laclasica chair without arms.

For a meeting or for your dining room at home, this piece has a versatility out of the ordinary and is suitable for all spaces. The Laclasica chair with arms is made in a very fluid way to give maximum comfort to everyone who has the pleasure of sitting in it.

It can be upholstered with any fabric from the STUA-Kvadrat collection, eco-leather or group 4 leather.

  • -15%

Gas Chair with Arms

€388.45 -15% €457.00

From the future, the designer Jesús Gasca dreams of the timeless chair that is a trend in every home, no matter the moment.

The Gas Chair with Arms is the piece that illuminates, seats and attracts everyone who passes through your home. In a simple style, Gasca has captured all that Stua is to create it and to show that comfort does not understand of times, but of style.

The curves of this chair adapt to all bodies, providing the comfort the back needs. Perfect for the dining table, to invite all your loved ones and friends and to show a clean and elegant area in your home.

  • -15%

Harbour Chair

€306.00 -15% €360.00

Comfortable and versatile.

Ideal for any space, from restaurants, offices or in the comfort of your own home, the Harbour chair can be adapted for a variety of purposes.

Its geometric and organic design, which adapts to the body, provides comfort and an elegant and delicate appearance.

*For other finishes please enquire.

  • -15%

HAL Wood Chair

€403.75 -15% €475.00

Discreet, comfortable and functional design.

The combination of plastic and wood gives this chair its unique character.

It is made of dyed polypropylene with the option of upholstering the seat (which is screwed to the shell).

The comfortable shell is available in various colors, while the chair legs are offered in two types of high quality wood.

  • -15%

HAL Ply Tube Chair

€425.00 -15% €500.00

Clean and contemporary in appearance.

The combination of a wooden shell and a discreet four-legged base in chrome-plated or powder-coated steel makes it one of the most elegant and versatile versions of the HAL family of chairs.

Its design provides great freedom of movement in a variety of seating positions.

  • -15%

Panton Chair

€296.65 -15% €349.00

An icon of 20th century design.

Made entirely of one-piece plastic.

Available in a variety of soft or bold colors. Made of dyed polypropylene, glossy matte surface.

Suitable for outdoor use, although limited exposure to sunlight is recommended.

  • -15%

DCM Plywood chair

€892.50 -15% €1,050.00

Classic, natural, ergonomic and comfortable.

It is the result of the search to adapt the three-dimensional shapes of the human body to molded plywood.

The combination of the wooden top with a chrome-plated tubular steel base gives great lightness to the design.

  • -15%

DCW Plywood chair

€1,470.50 -15% €1,730.00

Classic, natural, ergonomic and comfortable.

Made of plywood molded into complex, organic shapes.

The look of this iconic chair remains contemporary despite the passage of time.

  • -15%

Wire Chair DKW

€565.25 -15% €665.00

Organic piece that combines transparent lightness with technological sophistication.

The welded steel shell gives these metal chairs their transparent appearance.

The wooden base, on the other hand, provides a warm and casual contrast to the fundamentally technical design.

The four wooden legs are available in various shades of maple: gold, dark or black.

Metal Wire Chair


Metal Wire Chair, the chair with personality and character from HK Living.

A home should be a place of respite and peace after a long day\'s work. That is why furniture has to adapt to all the needs of the human body. The Metal Wire Chair is the one that has all the necessary characteristics to become the living room and kitchen chair that best matches the environment.

You can keep the chair as it is, made of metal, or add a seat cushion and two armrests in different colours that bring colour, life and much more comfort to the chairs in the Wire collection.

Available in 3 colours: white, black and chrome.

Catifa 46 4-legged chair, Monocolour


The chair par excellence for enclosed spaces.

With its informal style, but with plenty of colour and life, it manages to be the perfect chair both for the office and for the interior and exterior of a home. In keeping with the original structure, it is available in one-colour polypropylene, in which a single colour stands out, and in two-colour propylene, in which white and other colours are mixed to make it even more original.

All the chairs in the Catifa 46 collection are made with respect for the environment and comply with strict limits on chemical emissions under Greenguard certification.

Catifa 46 Skate Chair, Monocolour


Ideal for workspaces.

Whether at home or in the office, this piece adapts to any environment and brings life to every corner.

Committed to the environment and built to last, the chairs in the Catifa collection are always improving.

The shell is available in one and two colours. This allows you to customise it to your taste and needs. In addition, the frame can also be combined with the shell and the two parts of the chair can be joined together to create a unique piece.

  • -10%

DC Chair

€287.10 -10% €319.00

Softness and comfort come together in the DC Chair.

Black metal and fabrics of the same colour, but in different shades, create the DC Chair by Ethnicraft. The luminosity and the combination of the elements allow to have a piece at home that perfectly matches with every part of it, giving it a minimalist and current air. The DC Chair has two different upholsteries: dark grey and light grey.

  • -10%

Casale Chair

€296.10 -10% €329.00

Designed by Studio Kaschkasch, the Casale Chair represents the beauty of solid oak.

Straight from Germany, the Casale Chair is designed to be functional and practical in every room of your home. The beauty of every part of this piece, made of oak and with two different finishes, makes it a very natural model with a particular elegance.

It is a simple chair, but adaptable to all the spaces in a home. You can find it with a varnished or oiled finish, but always in solid wood. A very characteristic material of the firm Ethnicraft.

  • -10%

Chair One Chair

€338.40 -10% €376.00

A chair of the future made in the present. The Chair One Chair is made using a new technique: die-casting.

The Chair One Chair achieves a three-dimensional shape thanks to its manufacture. With multiple perforated, triangular and small faces, this piece is different from traditional chairs, but with the comfort that characterises the chairs of the firm Magis.

It is a chair that attracts attention for its shape and, above all, for its small perforations and finishes.

Cushions are available for greater comfort and manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • -15%

Walnut armchair Base 4 legs

€298.27 -15% €350.90

Inspired by the way paper leaves are moulded, the Nut Chair blends the warmth of a seat with the technology of everyday life.

The Walnut Chair envelops every part of the human body thanks to its structure. Its four legs in solid ash wood and the thermo-polymer shell in different colours give it that sophisticated and comfortable touch that characterises the firm Andreu World and Patricia Urquiola.

Every detail of this piece is made so that everyone can enjoy a chair that, adaptable to any space, is essential in every home. Like a sheet of paper when folded, the Nuez Chair blends excellence and quality in all its versions.