The kitchen of a home should be the place where the most practical elements are, as it is one of the most used rooms. Choosing a kitchen that suits your style is easy with Manuel Lucas, as we work with companies that provide quality furniture.




The kitchen of a home should be the place where the most practical elements are, as it is one of the most used rooms. Choosing a kitchen that suits your style is easy with Manuel Lucas, as we work with companies that provide quality furniture.


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Rotary Tray

€53.10 -10% €59.00

Rotary Tray, the contemporary style rotating tray that perfectly complements all your home accessories.

The Rotary Tray has two trays, the lower tray is a simple flat plastic plate and the upper tray is smaller in size and swivel. Thanks to its versatility in both color and shape, it allows you to place anything you need to keep in a particular place.

Also, because it is an accessory with a high decorative power, it can be placed in the space you need most, either at the entrance of your home to place the keys or glasses, in the kitchen to use it as a bowl or in the living room to have the remote control always at hand.

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High Tray

€53.10 -10% €59.00

High Tray, the Vitra bowl that keeps your kitchen tidy, is born in a new height of the Tray.

Giving a new contemporary style to the traditional bowls, Jasper Morrison creates the High Tray, an accessory that goes a step beyond the well-known Tray trays. Also, following the same model, it is a flat plastic plate that incorporates a height to turn it into a bowl.

Serve your best desserts in it or use it for the decorative elements that mean the most to you. Use it as you want and in the place you want, since its colors are so harmonious and combinable that they look ideal in all the spaces of your home.

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€107.10 -10% €119.00

Trays, the set of three trays that decorates with a lot of personality all the spaces of a home.

Vitra\'s flat plates, or better known as Trays, are a kind of trays that besides offering a decorative touch, have a practical function. Serve your teas on it to enjoy a perfect afternoon with your loved ones or keep it in one place as another accessory.

Using the gradient in colors like red and green achieves, as a result, to create a harmony between the three pieces and makes the Trays special, attractive and with a very unique and different aesthetic to the traditional flat plates.

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Clara Lamp

€688.50 -15% €810.00

A simple lamp, but with pleasant and attractive lighting: this is the Clara lamp designed by Piero Lissoni for Flos.

The Clara lamp is the lighting that the walls and ceilings of your home need. It emits a diffused light that allows you to see the accessories and objects in a room more clearly, even from different angles.

This light device manages to illuminate spaces in a more homogeneous way, and can be used in both large and smaller areas. It is a versatile and functional lamp, with a very careful aesthetic reflected in its different finishes.

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Metal Wire Chair

€201.45 -15% €237.00

Metal Wire Chair, the chair with personality and character from HK Living.

A home should be a place of respite and peace after a long day\'s work. That is why furniture has to adapt to all the needs of the human body. The Metal Wire Chair is the one that has all the necessary characteristics to become the living room and kitchen chair that best matches the environment.

You can keep the chair as it is, made of metal, or add a seat cushion and two armrests in different colours that bring colour, life and much more comfort to the chairs in the Wire collection.

Available in 3 colours: white, black and chrome.

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Wan Pendant Lamp

€195.50 -15% €230.00

Wan Suspension Lamp: the pendant lamp that directly illuminates every room.

The Wan Suspension Lamp is a pendant lamp that provides direct light. For the office, the kitchen or any space with a high ceiling, this pendant lamp brings simplicity and illumination. In addition, it has a shade that protects the eyes from glare.

With an aluminium body, it is available in two finishes: gloss white and gloss black. In this way, it manages to provide all spaces with a natural, soft light in keeping with the ambience.

Stool N3


In the N3 Stool you can appreciate the lines of solid wood, the main material of this piece of furniture.

A stool made of oak that conveys quality, strength and friendliness. Wood provides an effect that no other material achieves and results in unique pieces, such as the N3 stool. Only treated with special oils, it is what makes it unique and with an incomparable beauty. In short, it gives meaning and a special touch to one of the busiest parts of your home.

Casale Chair


Designed by Studio Kaschkasch, the Casale Chair represents the beauty of solid oak.

Straight from Germany, the Casale Chair is designed to be functional and practical in every room of your home. The beauty of every part of this piece, made of oak and with two different finishes, makes it a very natural model with a particular elegance.

It is a simple chair, but adaptable to all the spaces in a home. You can find it with a varnished or oiled finish, but always in solid wood. A very characteristic material of the firm Ethnicraft.

Osso High Stool


Add height to your dining room with the Osso High Stool.

The definition of the Osso High Stool can be summed up in one word: versatility. This piece is one of Ethnicraft\'s most popular pieces for this reason, because you can use it for whatever you want. It doesn\'t matter where you place it, but what you use it for.

Combine it with the different solid wood tables of the brand or with the oak, black stained oak or walnut sideboards. This will create a warm, stylish and very elegant space.

DC Stool


Created by the well-known designer Djordje Cukanovic, the DC Stool by Ethnicraft is simple, different and comfortable.

The DC stool, with backrest, is the ideal stool to add colour to your dining room. Upholstered in light grey, this stool has a different style to the traditional Ethnicraft stool, but, nevertheless, you can also appreciate small touches that identify this firm: such as that they are easy to combine with the solid wood materials.

The mix between the light grey colour and the black lacquered legs makes this piece pure elegance. Every detail of this stool is special and it shows it even in its name, as the initials DC refer to the name of its designer: Djordje Cukanovic.

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Zero Table

€756.90 -10% €841.00

Zero Table: cleanliness and essentiality in a piece of functional design and comfort.

The Zero Table is defined by the simplicity of its design. Between the base and the top there is a central column that allows all the diners to be comfortable, since no leg interferes between them.

Another advantage of this table is that, thanks to its different sizes, it can be adapted to any room. It doesn\'t matter if the space is minimal, as the small size will be ideal for it, or if there is a lot of space, as the larger sizes will fill it and give it the life that your kitchen needs.

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Lau Round Table

€824.40 -10% €916.00

Inspired by lively and curved shapes, Jesús Gasca creates the round table from the Lau collection.

Timeless, comfortable and simple, the Lau Round Table is the ideal piece for the kitchen. However, you can use it not only for this space, as it combines with all environments thanks to its design.

Its four legs are just as important as the top, and you can mix and match colours to create a totally personalised table. Made of ash wood and combinable with the chairs from the Laclasica collection, it is the table that will last for a long time in your home.

Torsion Table


Torsion table: originality in its purest form.

Advanced woodworking techniques are at the heart of the Torsion table. A subtle and gentle design with which to decorate any space in the home and perceive the elegant style of solid wood.

The style of this table is embodied in its trunk, which, like a tree, is the most important thing of all. The delicacy in the bending of the wood is perfect and marks Ethnicraft\'s own philosophy: to take care of every detail of solid wood.

Available in varnished oak as well as in black oak and in different sizes.

Slice table


A table for the dining room, for the kitchen or as a desk: the Slice Table fits into any room in your home.

One of the most special features of this table is its minimalist, slim-line design. Made of solid wood, it is the one that will give the touch of elegance and sophistication you want in your home. Choose from four sizes and let it fit your dining room, making it the place in the house where the whole family will enjoy.

The designer of this piece, Alain van Havre, also designed the Slice Extending Table, a table for more seating and more pleasure. Both the Slice Table and its extendable version convey warmth and subtlety.

Bok Table


The Bok Table by Ethnicraft is ideal to give that touch of design to your dining room.

The iconic table from Ethnicraft, together with its chairs, provides the warmth that we are all looking for in our home. It is often difficult to find a piece that meets the requirements of a dining room or kitchen, but with this table everything is easier.

Thanks to the solid oak, black oak and teak wood, the Bok Table is the perfect table to feel elegance and simplicity in the same space. It has multiple sizes that you can choose from depending on your needs and create a comfortable and cosy environment for the whole family.

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Lau Rectangular Table

€1,638.90 -10% €1,821.00

The Lau Rectangular Table is the table of choice to decorate your dining room, to invite all your relatives and to spend time around this spectacular table.

From the present and the future, from all possible generations, the Lau Rectangular Table is characterised by its timelessness. No matter the time, this piece is unique, personal and for a lifetime.

Its legs manage to create a union with the top. This simple detail makes the table suitable for both the kitchen and the dining room and can be combined with all Stua chairs. Designs that are simple, but together produce a visual effect that is elegant, comfortable and perfect for the whole family.

Circle Table


The balance between solid varnished oak and the legs of the Circle table.

Inviting your loved ones, friends or acquaintances to your home will no longer be a problem. You will spend hours and hours around a table whose balance is the basis of everything. The Circle table has a varnished oak effect, achieved thanks to the essential oils that are used to finish the solid wood. It is the circular table that will decorate any space in your home that needs a piece as unique, cosy and special as this one.

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HAL Ply Tube Chair

€450.00 -10% €500.00

Clean and contemporary in appearance.

The combination of a wooden shell and a discreet four-legged base in chrome-plated or powder-coated steel makes it one of the most elegant and versatile versions of the HAL family of chairs.

Its design provides great freedom of movement in a variety of seating positions.

  • -10%

HAL stool

€661.50 -10% €735.00

Discreet, comfortable and functional design.

Gas cushioning mechanism yields comfortably under the user for an optimal seating experience.

Made of dyed polypropylene with a swivel mechanism and the option to upholster the seat (bolted to the shell).

The base is made of tubular steel with adjustable height, being one part powder coated in basic dark color and the other part chrome plated with anti-slip surface.

  • -10%

HAL Ply stool

€864.00 -10% €960.00

Versatile, clean lines and a contemporary look.

Gas cushioning mechanism yields comfortably under the user for an optimal seating experience.

Made of laminated wood with a swivel mechanism and a choice of a darker or more natural finish.

The base is height-adjustable tubular steel, with one side powder-coated in basic dark and the other side chrome-plated with a non-slip surface.

  • -10%

Tabourete Haut

€809.10 -10% €899.00

A classic and timeless design.

Inspired by a traditional design: round seat on four long, slanted legs.

The chrome-plated steel ring with non-slip surface ensures stability and provides a comfortable footrest.

Available in solid oak with a natural or dark-stained finish.