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Lampadina table lamp

€119.00 -15% €140.00

Lampadina lamp: the beauty of a lamp holder and a globolux bulb.

Designed in 1972, Achille Castiglioni designed the Lampidina lamp to welcome the new Flos shop in Turin. This lamp is composed of an anodised aluminium base, a lamp holder and a globolux bulb. Together they form an excellent light fixture for bedside tables and study tables.

The lamp holder is available in six different colours. Each colour gives it a unique and original personality. The Lampadina lamp is perfect for all places that require direct and diffused light. Moreover, it fits in any space, even if it is small.

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Lau Console

€715.70 -15% €842.00

Furniture such as the Lau Console that manages to fit in traditional, modern and contemporary homes.

Any space should have a console table that fits all styles. That is the Lau console table by Stua. A console table that, in addition to its simplicity, can be placed in the entrance hall, dining room or office. A functional, practical piece made with attention to detail.

For decoration or as a side table, the Stua Console has a unique design made of natural ash wood and in different finishes. The aesthetic contribution combines with its functionality and makes it an essential piece in every home.

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Network Shelving

€2,320.30 -15% €2,729.76

With the intention of creating a modern and multifunctional shelf, Neuland, Paster & Geldmacher created the Network Shelf.

The Network Shelf is special no matter how you look at it. With a light and modular structure, this piece is versatile as well as functional. You can combine the colour of the structure with the four colours of the shelves and choose, as you wish, its composition.

Each kit contains 5 shelves, so you can use different colours in the same shelf. It is these small details that make the Network shelving unit completely adapt to you and your personality.

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HAL Wood Chair

€403.75 -15% €475.00

Discreet, comfortable and functional design.

The combination of plastic and wood gives this chair its unique character.

It is made of dyed polypropylene with the option of upholstering the seat (which is screwed to the shell).

The comfortable shell is available in various colors, while the chair legs are offered in two types of high quality wood.

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Petite 4610 lamp

€782.69 -15% €920.81

The Petite 4610 lamp by Secto Design is the perfect floor lamp for your quiet moments in your living room or bedroom.

Made to enjoy the light, the Petite 4610 lamp emits a warm, cosy and direct light. It is ideal for all spaces where you need to illuminate a specific area. Through its pressed birch slats, you can admire it for hours without getting tired of it.

Its height and swivel shade adapt to you in an exceptional way. The Petite 4610 combines the elegance and beauty of birch wood to make your main areas the best space in your home. It is available in four different finishes, where birch takes centre stage in all of them.

  • -10%

Puppy XS

€58.50 -10% €65.00

Puppy XS: the possibility of using an accessory as a toy or as a decoration in different areas of a house.

Puppy XS is the small dog figure from the Magis Me Too collection. As an icon of modern Finnish and world design, this accessory accompanies both children and adults. As a toy for the little ones and as a design object to admire for the older ones.

It is available in various matt colours and in a larger version: Puppy. Both form a cosy and warm combination to watch for hours and feel that the best friend of the whole family is in your home.

  • -15%

Kuulto Lamp 9100

€1,084.04 -15% €1,275.34

Kuulto 9100 lamp: the wall and ceiling lamp that has revolutionised the world of lighting.

The Kuulto 9100 lamp is a modern and innovative lighting system. Whether for the ceiling or the wall, this lamp made of birch fits into any environment in your home, be it the bedroom, the dining room or the office.

In addition, the birch wood gives it a different style, as it is not very common to use wood in wall and ceiling lamps. You can choose from four finishes: natural birch, white, black and walnut.

  • -15%

HAL Ply Tube Chair

€425.00 -15% €500.00

Clean and contemporary in appearance.

The combination of a wooden shell and a discreet four-legged base in chrome-plated or powder-coated steel makes it one of the most elegant and versatile versions of the HAL family of chairs.

Its design provides great freedom of movement in a variety of seating positions.

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Owalo lamp 7030

€892.74 -15% €1,050.28

The Owalo 7030 Lamp is intended to be your bedside reading light.

As a wall lamp, Owalo 7030 can be placed on any wall in your home that needs good light. It is equipped with the latest LED technology to make the lighting experience perfect for you and your family.

Next to the bed or an armchair, Owalo 7030 can be easily rotated to meet all your needs when you read, need a little light for viewing or simply for your moments of relaxation. A cosy and warm light capable of fulfilling all your desires.

Monkey Mini


Monkey Mini, the smallest monkey in a very special collection

Kay Bojesen\'s best-known family has grown by leaps and bounds and the Monkey Mini is the latest addition. This design object of less than 10 centimetres is the charm of the entire collection. Regardless of its size, it is an eye-catching accessory that manages to be the centre of attention.

Whether for children, as a toy with a difference, or for adults, as an ideal decorative element for all spaces, the Monkey Mini will sweeten up all members of a family.

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HAL stool

€624.75 -15% €735.00

Discreet, comfortable and functional design.

Gas cushioning mechanism yields comfortably under the user for an optimal seating experience.

Made of dyed polypropylene with a swivel mechanism and the option to upholster the seat (bolted to the shell).

The base is made of tubular steel with adjustable height, being one part powder coated in basic dark color and the other part chrome plated with anti-slip surface.

  • -15%

Owalo 7020 table lamp

€786.80 -15% €925.65

Owalo 7020 lamp: slim structure and the latest LED light technology for this table lamp.

As a table lamp, Owalo 7020 can be placed on any side table that needs good light. It is equipped with the latest LED technology for a perfect lighting experience for you and your family.

Next to the bed or on your windowsill, Owalo 7020 is made of natural birch slats that allow light to pass through them. A table lamp that not only illuminates, but also has a natural and unique design made by Secto\'s craftsmen.

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CH24 Wishbone Chair Colour Soft

€525.56 -15% €618.31

1949 was a pivotal year for the Wishbone chair collection and its creator, Hans J. Wegner, as his masterpiece was born: the CH24 Wishbone Color Soft Chair.

The CH24 Wishbone Color Soft Chair is an icon, not only of Carl Hansen & Son, but also of Danish modern design. The combination of the armrest and the Y-shaped backrest in one piece makes for an incredibly spectacular combination.

Each CH24 Wishbone Color Soft chair is handmade by skilled craftsmen from solid beech and natural paper cord. The two main materials of this piece. Elegant, comfortable and with a different aesthetic, this chair is the representation that good design prevails even after more than 70 years.

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Petite 4600 lamp

€518.36 -15% €609.84

The Petite 4600 lamp by Secto Design is the perfect pendant lamp for your quiet moments in your living room or bedroom.

Made to enjoy the light, the Petite 4600 lamp emits a warm, cosy and direct light. It is ideal for all large spaces, such as a dining room. Through its pressed birch slats, you can admire it for hours without getting tired of it.

Its height and its structure adapt to you in an exceptional way. The Petite 4600 combines the elegance and beauty of birch wood to make your main areas the best space in your home. It is available in four different finishes, where birch, walnut and black and white colours take centre stage in all of them.

  • -15%

CH23 Chair

€914.34 -15% €1,075.69

Designed in 1950 and reintroduced in 2017 at Carl Hansen & Son, the CH23 Chair still retains the very essence of Hans J. Wegner.

Every detail counts. And the CH23 dining chair has all the details you could ask of such a piece. The elegant and natural style of the cruciform backrest caps, the seat made of natural paper rope and the comfort of the legs make the CH23 Chair a beautiful, yet fully functional dining chair.

The craftsmanship is reflected in every part of this chair. There are 7 different finishes to choose from, with oak and walnut being the main materials.

  • -15%

Shore Bird

€55.25 -15% €65.00

Real birds represented on the Shore Bird accessory.

Shore Bird is not just any accessory. They represent the bird world in all its splendour and with all its details and characteristics. The details are very important in this accessory: each model has a different size, the length of the neck varies and each one has a different position of the legs and the beak.

Several inspirations have brought the Shore Bird to life. The curlew, a bird with long legs and a long beak, is represented in the Large model. The Small model is clearly inspired by the wagtail, a small stylised bird that is very common in Spain. And finally, the Medium model, which represents active birds.

  • -15%

CH33T Chair

€776.52 -15% €913.55

A timeless, attractive and ergonomic classic.

Its design stands out for its harmony, the elegance of the simple lines and the subtle curves of the backrest and seat.

Even the smallest detail is well thought out, which gives the CH33 chair its characteristic comfort.

Its welcoming forms and comfort make it an indispensable product.

  • -15%

Androgyne coffee table

€2,554.25 -15% €3,005.00

A monumental design.

Splashed with characteristic veins and mineral fragments in warm tones, the coffee table; also in a wooden version. Androgyne continues the simple scheme of the series while using natural materials to design form and function for the everyday environment. The multifunctional design allows it to be used as a table or bench in the living room for stacking books or eye-catching decorations.

  • -15%

Eames Fiberglass Chair DSR

€578.00 -15% €680.00

Different and an icon of modern design.

The Eames Fiberglass Chair DSR revolutionised the 1950s.

Fibreglass is the material par excellence of the Eames Fiberglass Chair collection. This material gives it a different and unique style as no two chairs are the same, making such an unusual material in furniture look totally natural.

Combinable with all styles and for all uses, it is one of those chairs that never loses its charm and seeks, in each of its seats, the comfort and functionality that a home needs.

  • -15%

C-Chair Dining Chair - Veneer

€594.15 -15% €699.00

A true icon of timeless design.

Modern lines, sobriety and high quality wood workmanship. Combines functionality and aesthetics.

Characterised by its voluminous legs and accompanied by its light seat. An ideal and elegant solution that leaves room for many people around the table.

Catifa 46 4-legged chair, Monocolour


The chair par excellence for enclosed spaces.

With its informal style, but with plenty of colour and life, it manages to be the perfect chair both for the office and for the interior and exterior of a home. In keeping with the original structure, it is available in one-colour polypropylene, in which a single colour stands out, and in two-colour propylene, in which white and other colours are mixed to make it even more original.

All the chairs in the Catifa 46 collection are made with respect for the environment and comply with strict limits on chemical emissions under Greenguard certification.

  • -15%

MayDay Table Lamp

€119.00 -15% €140.00

A lamp with a difference but with personality and character. The MayDay Lamp is still an icon 20 years after its creation.

The MayDay Lamp is a multi-purpose lamp for both the interior and exterior of a home. With a cable length of almost 5 metres, it can be moved around in any space and be of great use.

The upper hook allows it to be placed in various places and the light-emitting funnel protects the bulb inside. The light is activated in the wing of the lamp, thanks to a switch. Waterproof and solid, the MayDay Lamp blends versatility and style in an exceptional way.